Health Advice & Information on Medical Conditions

This page provides advice and guidance on how to manage long-term conditions, how to deal with minor injury & illness that does not require treatment from a clinician and gives patients advice on several topics.  These links all come from trusted resources but if you are unsure about these or any other medical matters please contact your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

See the NHS Choices Conditions and Treatments browser for an in-depth description of many common health issues.  

Our Receptionists have all under gone training as Care Navigators - having a wealth of knowledge of where you may obtain the easiest and most appropriate advise and treatment.  This may involve asking you some questions - these are asked in your best interest, BUT you do have the right not to answer and request referral to a Clinician.  We still request that you are polite and courtious to our team even if you believe the questions are not appropriate.




Patients often attend GP practice with dental problems.  GPs are not able to fully assess and treat dental problems.  Treating patients with dental problems is not a GP responsiblity, even if a patient is not registered with a dentist.

If you have a toothache or other dental issues you will need to contact your local dentist or telephone NHS 111 if your usual dental surgery is closed or you are not registered with a dentist.

Please use the following following link to: How to find an NHS Dentist

EAR IRRIGATION - Some Specsaver branches are now offering this service.  Please contact our Care Navigators for information.
Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer Ear Irrigation services, please find below a number of places which offer ear irrigation privately:

Ear Irrigation


 Cambridge Clear Ear

 Kelsey Kerridge, Cambridge

01223 455177



 Clearer Hearing

 St Ives/Wisbech


01480 300 955

01945 466 386

£25 / £40

£40 / £70

 Hearing Healthcare Centre



01223 360 700


01638 593 113





 Clear Ear Clinic

 Spire Hospital Cambridge


01223 266990

Consultation required


Consultation required


 Please note that this is a sample of providers, and not an exhaustive list. Prices are correct as of June 2018 and are subject to change.